Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where is Python in Solaris Studio 12.4 ?

I've been using Solaris Studio for quite some time and it is newly installed in my new Lenovo G40-SID. It was surprising that yesterday I noticed its different appearance compared to 12.2 version. Moreover, no more Python plugin is there! After reading here and there, I found Python plugin is no longer supported by Netbeans (the parent of Solaris Studio).

In order to enable Python plugin into Solaris Studio, I downloaded the Python plugin for Netbeans from here. After downloading and extracting the package, I opened my solaris from terminal.

$solstudio &

From Solaris Studio, go to "TOOLS" and then "PLUGINS" and from the plugins dialog, click on "DOWNLOADED" tab.

And then, point to the extracted folder of Python Netbeans Plugins and select all plugins and the install them.

Done !

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